Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cruising Tips For Hurricane Season

Wow!  Having been a serious weather watcher for most of my life, I’ve never seen anything like what’s happened over the last 6 weeks.  First, it’s the flooding here in Kansas City and now 2 devastating hurricanes hitting the US. 

How does this affect the travel industry?
In most cases, if there is a storm, cruise lines shift their itineraries to sail away from the storm.  Now, there is an entirely different situation.  Cruise ports have closed, airports have closed and ships are at sea with passengers.  Once the ports open, the next problem is getting those passengers off the ships, transportation to airports and then flights home.

What about those passengers expecting to cruise on a certain date?
The cruise can be canceled or postponed.  Where does the work force come from to restock the ship when so many are in shelters?  Are there seats on incoming flights?  The cruise lines are doing everything they can to operate.  For those who can’t travel for various reasons, some cruise lines are offering refunds others future cruise credits.

How can you protect yourself?
You purchase travel insurance.  The most important reason to purchase travel insurance is: you have no health insurance coverage outside the US.  Regarding the present situation, there is trip interruption, trip delay and trip cancellation.  If you are really concerned during the height of hurricane season, mid-August through mid-October, you can purchase a Cancel For Any Reason Clause.  These decisions need to be made when you book.

Cruising during hurricane season is always a gamble.   The rates are lower and if the ports of call are not that important, it might be worth the gamble. 

These are the reasons you book with a travel agent to be sure you are fully informed and have make the correct decisions for you and your family.  I take care of everything and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

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